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Home health care is a wonderful alternative to nursing home placement.

We offer - FREE in-home consultations.

Sunshine Home Health Care Medical Related Services:

  • Licensed Medical
  • Registered Nurse Services
  • Licensed Nurse Services
  • Certified Home Health Aides
  • RN Case Management
  • Extended Hour Nursing
  • Respite Nursing
  • Extended Hour Home Health Aide Services
  • Respite Home Health Aide Services

Sunshine Home Care Services Non-Medical Related Services:


Studies & Research Have Shown:

  • Medical studies have shown that patients thrive in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.
  • Observations have shown that overall health and well being is generally better.
  • Patients have the opportunity to maintain their privacy and independence, increasing their self esteem.
  • Treatment plans are designed to personally meet each individual patient’s needs and requirements.
  • Studies have shown that involvement of the patient and family members in the treatment plan often improves the effectiveness of the treatment and recovery objectives.
  • All services are provided under the direction of the patient’s personal physician.
  • Home health care costs are significantly less than many other forms of health care.
  • Studies have shown patients generally live longer when cared for in the home setting.